“At the Heart of It All, We’re in Business Because of You; Our Patrons”

Our Mission

Our patrons come to us expecting we’ll have the items they’re looking for. Our mission is to provide these items that will fulfill our patron’s wants and needs. If we don’t have the items our patrons are looking for, we will do our best to find them as quickly as possible so our patrons receive the most positive experience possible.

History of Company:

Our Start:
SM Home and Yard Décor was established by Steven Miller in Farmington, Minnesota in October 2016. After working 24 years for Thomson Reuters in Eagan, MN, earning his Masters in Finance degree from Columbia Southern University in Orange Beach, AL in 2014, and then being let go from Thomson Reuters, Steven wanted to take control of his own future and the future for his daughters, Megan and Morgan. Steven’s approach to all aspects of business has always been “treat the patron better than you would treat your own best friend” and this is the way Steven chooses to operate his own business. In October 2016, Steven opened his own online business allowing patrons to purchase the best quality home and yard décor items available for the best possible price.

A Growing Reputation:
Steven says, “Our reputation is the most important ideal we carry with us in business and in our personal lives. If our patrons can’t trust or believe we are working with their best interests in mind, we’re in the wrong line of work” and he truly believes this to his core. Steven wants a company that builds its core on integrity, honesty and respect and believes if these ideals are true, patrons will (1) return for future business, and (2) pass along positive words to others regarding their experience. Operating a business this way takes a lot of hard work, time and energy to be successful and having Steven’s 100% belief in these ideals will create long-lasting positive relationships.